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Grow a Garden

Growing a garden can help your family be more self-reliant. There is still time to plant a garden this year. Fresh vegetables and fruits from your garden I think are more delicious tasting than store bought and much more economical, especially with rising food costs. Your garden doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be in the ground. You can throw out that idea that it has to look like a farm. There are lots of ways and places to grow a garden.

Here are some things I have found useful:

  • Growing a garden from seed will save a lot of money.
  • Make seed tape and seed mats to extend your garden life without a lot of effort and to save time in planting.
  • Use containers of all sizes and shapes if you are limited on space. Make sure you have good drainage at the bottom of your container.
  • Set up a drip water irrigation system on a timer.

    The Basic Parts of a Drip System.

  • Go verticle and use hanging baskets for lettuces, strawberries and tomatoes.

    Create an Edible Hanging Basket.

  • Provide children with their own container and allow them to select the seeds or plants they want to grow. Make it a family tradition.
  • Grow a colorful rainbow garden to make sure you get the vitamins you need.
  • Grow heirloom vegetables and harvest the seeds for next year’s garden. Don’t overlook hybrid plants that will give you an abundant crop for preserving.
  • If you are a beginner gardener, start small and then incorporate a new variety of vegetable and/or fruit each year.
  • Look for dwarf fruit trees that can be grown in containers. We added blueberry bushes and colonnade apple trees this year.

    Stark Bros – Pink Lemonade Blueberry.

  • Learn how to compost with yard clippings and food scraps to create your own soil and organic fertilizer.
  • Plant companion plants together to control pests, enhance taste and increase yield.
  • Try year-round gardening. Plant a winter garden. Peas are a good winter crop. They will organically add nitrogen to the soil which will be great for your spring and summer plants.
  • Be creative with your design and incorporate your garden into your landscape. Mixing vegetable plants with flowers can attract pollinators to where you need them.

    How to make a gravel path and Edible garden path –

  • Learn how to preserve your harvest with a food dehydrator, bottling in canning jars, and freezing.

Do you have a garden this year? What do you like to plant? Please comment below!

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